Adamson Gallery, Washington.


« At Adamson, French photographer Titouan Lamazou presents pictures of women that gratify and excite, yet their pleasures come at the expense of reality—the photographer manipulates every one subtly but extensively. ( …) Lamazou’s women, selections of which are on view at Adamson, aren’t just pretty faces. Some of his women face excruciating circumstances and straitened lives. They are young and gorgeous, as well as old and plain . These women are prostitutes and journalists, aspiring actresses and army corporals. (…) What’s most striking about Lamazou’s pictures here isn’t their subject matter so much as the artist’s process. Each picture is made up of 50 to 450 images that Lamazou interweaves digitally into a rich, seamless whole. This allow for an astonishing degree of detail in every picture. Color too, is turned way up. (…) The pigments startle and attract—the’re close enough to reality not to turn us off, but they’re richer than the real world around us. With all these enhancements, Lamazou’s pictures look outstanding. Yet their impossible beauty, like that of a collagen-lipped model, also suggests standards that are too high for real women—and real life– to meet. »


-Jessica Dawson in The Washington Post Friday, March 12, 2010-









                           Soya et Awa, Nouakchot, 2006-2007. C-Print, 183 x 250 cm

                           Sariah, Los Angeles, 2004. C-Print, 181 x 300 cm

                          Jilian, Los Angeles, 2004. C-Print, 154 x 200 cm

                          Blanca Nelly, Cali, Colombie, 2004. C-Print, 150 x 230 cm