40th birthday reedition: Le Guide de manœuvre by Eric Tabarly, prefaced and illustrated by Titouan Lamazou

A new edition of a cult work by two legendary sailors, Le Guide de manœuvre is available in bookshops from June 2017 onwards.

In 1977, Eric Tabarly asked Titouan Lamazou, then on board the Pen Duick VI, to illustrate the guide on sailing maneuvers that he had been working on for some time. The two friends developed this project as they sailed through the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier and Austral Islands, up to Tahiti. The end result was this Guide de manœuvre, first published in 1978 by Editions du Pen Duick, then in 2008 by Editions du Télégramme, prefaced by Titouan Lamazou. The work sums up Éric Tabarly’s immense experience, acquired throughout a lifetime of sailing, while its illustrations reflect life on board ship.

In his clear, precise text, Eric Tabarly methodically describes every situation that a good sailor needs to know how to master. From simple docking and casting-off maneuvers to delicate sail adjustment in order to get the most from a boat’s movement, all these tips are accompanied by anecdotes gleaned from the Pen Duick’s decks.

The new edition of this mythical work is enhanced by a new painting of Eric Tabarly, produced by Titouan Lamazou.