Extension until Sunday, January 5   The Maison des Douanes de Saint-Palais-sur-Mer offers the public an exceptional exhibition retracing fifty years of the wandering career of a committed artist on five continents. It opens with a gouache performed at the age of 11 in 1966 – the year Titouan showed for the first time his[…] Read more


L’Errance and Divers Le Bateau-atelier de Titouan Lamazou Published by Éditions Gallimard in November 2018. This book that accompanied the artist’s exhibition at the quai Branly museum invites us on a trip to the Caribbean and the Marquesas, prefiguring the journeys of the future Bateau-atelier. Available in bookstores.   > Order the book > Learn[…] Read more

On the occasion of the exhibition “The boat-workshop of Titouan Lamazou”, currently at the musée du quai Branly in Paris, Titouan Lamazou invites you to escape through seven new fine art prints made during his last trip to the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti.   Le Bateau-atelier Atelier Oviri et Tusitala Marquesas Ayla Marquesas   Meleana[…] Read more

For another year with his annual calendar and diary, Titouan Lamazou invites you to traveling and escaping through the discovering of his work created during his last trip to the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti. Altogether with the upcoming exhibition ‘Le Bateau-atelier de Titouan Lamazou‘ starting on November 13th 2018 at musée du quai Branly and the book ‘L’Errance[…] Read more


This winter, (re)discover Titouan Lamazou’s universe through the edition of five unique works: four rare portraits created for his exceptional projet ‘Femmes du monde’, among which the very first photography to be printed as a modern lithograph, and a vintage marin work dating from his navigator’s years. Bluenose, États-Unis, 1978 9 € –  330 € See Thérèse,[…] Read more


(Re)discover Titouan Lamazou‘s work and universe by exploring the exclusive content of his two new websites! Via a new and original artist’s website, discover Titouan’s voyages to the four corners of the world, as well as his works, exhibitions and books. ➤ titouanlamazou.com/artiste/en And thanks to an updated online boutique with over 60 exceptional works, you can[…] Read more

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Femmes du monde exhibition, which drew 200,000 visitors to the Musée de l’Homme and was extended three times, the 2018 Titouan Lamazou diary and calendar (Éditions Gallimard) gather his most exquisite portraits of women throughout the world. The Femmes du monde project sketched a picture of the world[…] Read more

l'atelier des couleurs titouan lamazou

L’Atelier des couleurs brings together the most stunning portraits from Femmes du monde in a color-in version, offering a new vision of the work of Titouan Lamazou. In a detailed introduction, Titouan Lamazou explains how he works, the many techniques that he uses, and shares precious tips with readers wishing to try their hand at[…] Read more

Oeuvres vagabondes 1965-2015

Atelier Titouan Lamazou is delighted to present Titouan Lamazou’s latest publication: Œuvres vagabondes (Éditions Gallimard). Jean de Loisy – an outstanding figure in contemporary art and president of the Palais de Tokyo – presents the artist’s background in the form of an original interview. Titouan discusses his vagabond path from his early years in the[…] Read more